How to Stand Out In Your Crawl Space Repair Business

how to stand out in your crawl space business

How to Stand Out In Your Crawl Space Repair Business

In your crawl space repair business, there may have been times where you feel overwhelmed by the competition and unable to find a reliable source of customers.

We get it. We’re here to help ensure you build your business in a way that supports your customers and your company.

Here’s how your crawl space repair company can start standing out.


1. Offer an exceptional product

Successful crawl space repair companies don’t use mediocre products; they use high quality vapor barriers, liners, and insulation. Working with top-rated products will help solidify the high quality of your work, as well as provide your customer with a clean, moisture-free crawl space to enjoy for years to come.

You may also consider offering a guarantee on your crawl space repair, encapsulation, or sealing work to provide peace of mind for customers and an unshakeable belief in the work you do.

2. Offer exceptional service

But a superior product isn’t enough. You need to back it up with exceptional service. While this may be a no brainer, there are plenty of companies (including your competition) who don’t take customer service seriously. Use this opportunity to stand out.

Ensure that your crawl space repair company can:

  • Be available: make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you and reach you with any problems.
  • Manage expectations: customers will be grateful for candor and honesty, so be clear about what is and isn’t possible. Then, underpromise and overdeliver.
  • Solve customers’ problems: whether it’s a foul smelling crawl space or an invoicing issue, quickly and efficiently solve the problems your customers are facing.

3. Market yourself wisely

Your customers can’t hire you if they can’t find you. Since many customers find local service companies online, it’s critical that you have a presence.

At the bare minimum, claim your local business listing on Google using Google My Business. That way, you can be found through local searches. Google My Business allows you to manage your listing from your business description and hours of operation to photo and video uploads to administrative capabilities with reviews.

4. Gather positive reviews

Speaking of reviews, word of mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing strategies at your disposal. Thanks to the Internet, helpful recommendations don’t necessarily come from just friends and family anymore. Potential customers use the reviews of other happy (or unhappy) customers to determine which company to hire for crawl space solutions.

If possible, use Google My Business as your main source of reviews. Get creative when asking happy customers to give you a review by offering a discounted rate for their next service or another incentive. You can also use other platforms to gather reviews, such as Facebook, if that fits your ideal audience better.

5. Show off your expertise

In this day and age, it’s no longer enough to simply do great work, you also have to go above and beyond to show why your company is the industry expert. In other words: why should a potential customer choose you for crawl space repair services over your top competitors?

Consider how you can showcase your expertise in a way that works to grow your business in the long term. For instance, starting a YouTube channel based on customer FAQs is a great start. Or you may feel more comfortable leveraging social media to share before/after photos of your most recent jobs to reach new potential clients. No matter what medium you choose, add value in a way that helps customers and establishes you as a crawl space expert.

Doing great work and finding the right customers doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Start standing out (and being successful) in your crawl space repair business with these five helpful tips. 

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