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Attachment Supplies & Misc.

White Poly Tape


Retail: $15.99 - 7.5 mil

Retail: $17.99 - 9 mil

  • Polyethylene backed single coated tape with a synthetic rubber adhesive
  • Roll size: 4" x 180'
  • Color: White
  • Thickness: 7.5 mil (Standard)
  • Thickness: 9 mil (Premium: added adhesive) 
  • Excellent seal for permanent and temporary bonds between poly sheetings
  • Used to tape, seam, poly sheeting, reinforced poly

Double Stick Attachment Tape


Retail: $28.75 - 1"

Retail: $47.73 - 2"

  • Advanced micro sealant tape with a removable release liner on both sides
  • Easy to work with and clean until ready to adhere
  • Designed to bond two surfaces of similar and dissimilar materials, creating a strong, waterproof seal
  • Use to attach our liners and Insul-barrier foundation blanket to block, brick and rock foundations.  
  • Bonds well to foundation walls with average moisture and dirt build up (note: will not bond to wet or dirty surfaces)
  • When used to seal liner, lapped seams creates leak-proof system
  • Roll size: 1" x 50'  and 2" x 50'
  • Color: Black
  • 15 year warranty

M-1 Adhesive


Retail: $8.63

  • Moisture cure, low VOC structural adhesive
  • Quick grabbing power, sets in approx. 2 hours (sets faster in warmer, more humid weather)
  • Forms a tough, elastic, waterproof seal
  • Use to attach our liners and Insul-barrier foundation blanket to any type of foundation wall
  • Recommend use of mechanical pins every 3' to allow for permanent bond
  • 10.1 oz cartridge
  • Color: White

Supply Air Inducer


Retail: $39.50

  • The supply air inducer is easily attached to the existing HVAC trunkline to introduce a small amount of conditioned air into the crawl space to help regulate relative humidity levels.  The inducer includes a back flow damper to keep bad air from entering the system.

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