About Us

Experienced and Reliable

The Crawlspace Supply Company was started in order to provide quality products to those interested in long term improvement of their crawlspaces. With a staff of experts having over 30 years’ experience in moisture mitigation, humidity control, and installation, we know our products!

All crawlspaces are not created equal, nor can all moisture problems be solved in the same way. Let our staff help you with your project from start to finish. Fromanswering your questions to helping you make the right choices in determining what system and materials to use, our experts are here to help.

Quality Service and Products

Our experts trained in one of the wettest, most harsh environments in the US, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We have learned what to expect from installing these systems, and have adjusted the systems to fit a variety of climates. We use our industry knowledge to choose quality products that simplify the installation processes. The Viper Class A Liners and Insul-Barrier Foundation Wall Blanket are hands down the highest quality products available at very competitive prices. The performance and strength of these products cannot be beat.

Let us help you get started on making the most neglected part of the home a space that protects your structure, saves money on your heating and cooling bills, and is an area to be proud of.

Why Invest in a Crawl Space?

Crawl spaces can be damp, musty, moldy, buggy, etc. But, it is easy to turn these places into a cleaner and drier space.

Just some of the advantages of having a controlled and conditioned crawl space are:

  • A controlled crawl space inhibits the growth of wood destroying
    fungus and mold.
  • Your home becomes more energy efficient by controlling and conditioning
    the air under your house.
  • Air in and under the house maintains a neutral smell instead of a musty odor.
  • A dry crawl space is not a friendly place for insects or rodents.

Controlled crawl spaces come in several different forms. Let us help you determine the right fit for your crawlspace. A vapor barrier, dehumidifier and blocking some outside air may be the answer. However, a complete encapsulation with air induced into the crawl space from the HVAC may be what your crawl space needs. Some spaces benefit better with a hybrid of the two. Whatever your crawl space needs may be, we have the products and knowledge to help you get it done right the first time.