4 Tips for Training Your Crawl Space Repair Technicians

tips for training crawl space repair technicians

4 Tips for Training Your Crawl Space Repair Technicians

It takes a lot to run a successful crawl space repair company. One of the most important factors are your employees or the technicians who handle day-to-day work and repairs for your customers.

Also acting as your frontline customer service representatives, it’s crucial that your technicians have excellent training – not only in the technical aspects of the job, but also in customer support and relations.

Here are four tips for valuable service training for your crawl space technicians.

1. Inspire Your Team

Training your crawl space company team provides the perfect opportunity for both team building and motivation for the coming season or year. For, as you well know, a motivated and inspired team is going to be a hard working and dedicated team.

Beyond team building exercises, use training as an opportunity to make your company priorities clear, set goals for the coming year, and offer incentives to your team. 

2. Incorporate Customer Service

As those dealing directly with customers, it’s vital that your crawl space technicians offer top notch customer support and service. 

Use training as an opportunity to remind all employees that the customer comes first and that, as the visible face of the company, they are especially responsible for upholding this value.

Fostering a positive customer experience during each interaction will ensure that customers come back to your business time and time again, as well as recommend your crawl space company to all of their family and friends.

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3. Offer Ongoing Training

One-time training is effective…until it isn’t. Ongoing training is an ideal way to keep your crawl space technicians updated on the latest technology, products, tactics, and company policies. 

After all, company-wide emails only go so far. By planning annual (or even biannual or quarterly) trainings, you can ensure you’ll keep everyone on track and focused on what’s important.

If you’re not sure how to structure your trainings, reach out to other industry professionals for training and sales assistance!

4. Consider Online Training

Not only is online or digital crawl space technician training valuable during the current COVID pandemic, but it will also help by:

  • Ensure you don’t tie up 100% of your workforce in training when you need customer jobs completed.
  • Give technicians the time to complete training at their own pace.
  • Give technicians the ability to refer back to training afterwards. 
  • Keep (at least part of) your training online makes it easier for future hires to get caught up.

Blend both digital and in-person training to get the best bang for your buck. Employees will get the benefit of in-person and hands-on training with the digital benefits above.


Remember these four tips the next time your crawl space company conducts a training for your technicians to ensure the best customer service possible.

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